Manfaat asset management software

an organization which is a capital-intensive industry, with large cost of purchasing and maintaining large inventories of capital equipment and expensive spare parts. will have many challenges including rising input costs, higher capital costs needed to bring supply to market and many other things. These challenges will force those companies to improve their systems and accountability.

many turn to enterprise asset management (EAM) systems to enable them to keep track of equipment throughout their life-cycle and improve plant production availability. EAM systems not only track the location of the assets, but also their condition and maintenance history. Better equipment maintenance can deliver a high return on investment (ROI) with the added benefits of better regulatory compliance and the mitigation of risks related to equipment failure.

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People are now using Oracle eAM, JDE CAM, Peoplesoft CAM, SAP PM, IBM Maximo, Infor, and EMPAC and many other software to manage their asset, but there is something lacking, and some detail that the customer want and couldn’t get or do, but don’t worry there is this company called VIZIYA which takes a total partnership approach with the ERP vendors. and develop complimentary product solutions which become a true bolt-on module of your ERP system.

by working closely with many of the largest and most sophisticated maintenance organizations, VIZIYA have developed a products so that you can control and manage your maintenance work flow even better. they developed advanced functionality, so that you can evolve to a world-class maintenance organization

VIZIYA delivers results for the customers.

Drive Asset Utilization

Increase asset utilization and availability 1-2 % by assuring that multiple work orders are coordinated for execution at the same time versus multiple downtimes
Improve asset performance since warranty claims often lead to re-designs or may prevent future warranty claims.

Manage Risks

Drive user adoption and accountability with an intuitive and flexible user interface
Safeguard compliance and data integrity with a single source of truth

Realize Cost Savings

20-25% wrench time improvement
15-20% reduction in non-specialty contractors and overtime
Recover or avoid maintenance costs by ensuring that in-warranty repairs are filed with the vendor for reimbursement

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